Writing Update!

I've been working on a short story collection. I've got the format done, I just need to fill in a few blank spaces with fresh stories. That should be in full swing shortly, and I will keep everyone updated when there's something to update!


About Me

I'm Renae McBrian I'm 25, a mom, a reader, and a writer. I post reviews and book recs and random posts about my writing. I am currently working on my second novel, and I will post updates about that on here, but it'll be very rare that I post any actual content from my book [...]

I’m not okay.

Again and again and again, I find myself writing these words. I'll get a little better, and then I'll get a lot worse. My mental health is deteriorating so quickly and I don't know how to salvage what's left. I can't afford therapy or medication. I'm too fucking depressed to go outside and get fresh [...]